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Do the Dialogue – Your Comments are Treasure!

This is just a reminder that the articles here are for you to not only read, but post your thoughts, testimonies and ideas. (See list of posts on the right) Don’t worry about being redundant or brief. This will help us get an idea of what everyone is thinking in regards to House2Harvest Network and its formation.

So read through the previous posts and jump in and share with us your ideas, plans, experiences, concerns etc. We only have one month till the conference (2008 National House Church Conference, August 28-31), so let’s get some more treasures from your experiences and ideas.

Voices from the Field

We are having some great dialogue, and many are lurking these posts reading what has been written. I hope that we are stimulating one another to take this time of history to finish the task of reaching the least reached nations!

Keeping that in mind, we here in the States can quickly be accused of being “armchair” missiologists and ignoring some of the issues from the field. Although many of you who have posted have had cross-cultural experience in another country, we would like to hear from those servants of other nations (sometimes called missionaries) and glean from their wisdom.

Would you take some time to contact some of the field workers you know and see if they would be willing to add their voice to this discussion? We would be foolish to think that we can discuss and make some of these decisions and not take into consideration what is happening on the field.

Let’s hear from the field! I am confident that God has great thinks on store for us as we labor together to reach the last reached nations (peoples)!

Introduction to this Weblog – what’s it all about?

We have established this blog to facilitate discussion leading up to the 2008 National House Church Conference in Dallas, August 28-31, 2008 (www.house2house.com – see Conference information) Missions Track and the Post-Conference roundtable meeting for launching House2Harvest Network/Ministry. I will post several preliminary documents and email correspondences that we have exchanged to rbing everyone up to date. It will continue after the conference to allow for further discussion and collaboration.

Our objectives up to this point are to answer these questions:

  1. Can a house church do missions in some of the most challenging areas of the world?
  2. What area or strategy in missions is best suited for house church networks?
  3. What is God doing now amongst house churches in regards to missions?
  4. What will it take for these HC networks to do missions more effectively and strategically?
  5. What role will the House/Simple Church networks have in fulfilling Matthew 24:14?
  6. How can a house/simple church effectively do missions amongst the unreached and the poor?
  7. How will the house/simple church networks train and send missionaries (apostolic teams) to the field?

Below you will find these questions as categories for us to discuss. If you have other catagories to add, make a comment below and I will add the category.

So far our workshop topics may include the following:

  • #1 – How Can House Churches do Missions?
  • #2 – A Survey of House Churches and Missions.
  • #3 – People Group Strategies – Fulfilling Matthew 24:14.
  • #4 – Regional Networks – An opportunity to meet with others who are working in the same region in which you have an interest.

Remember – this is NOT a one way conversation. Feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

Ok – let’s start the dialogue!

Blessings – Don Davis