Supporting Documents

This page is for you to posts documents and resources that will supplement our dialog and help keep us on the “same page” regarding ideas, missiological strategies, and reports.

12 responses to “Supporting Documents

  1. If you have other resources to share – let everyone know.

  2. Steve Lyzenga

    Crack me up, check out this GC youtube entitled:

    “Aim lower, think smaller, give up, Go have a cup of coffee” …

  3. Love “Aim lower, think smaller, give up, Go have a cup of coffee” – wonder if we can get permission to show it at the conference?


  4. Thank you for putting these documents out there,
    I’m forwarding them to friends – Bruce

  5. Hey guys, Great stuff! I think some/all of you should join It would be a great environment to share what you are coming up with here. As of this morning, 92 simple church planters from all around the world are members. That number increases almost daily. Take a look at the website and see what you think. Looking forward to seeing you all in Dallas! -John

  6. Thank John – this is a great help. I’m going to register!

  7. Here are two articles of interests. They were sent to me by Bruce Gorden: by Nate Krupp by Dan Hubbell

  8. Steve Lyzenga

    Great job logosdor for another excellent GC video for kids (they also did the “Aim Lower…”):

  9. I encourage you to check out the new issue of Mission Frontiers. This months issue is on “Rethinking Our Approach to Muslim Peoples”

    You can see this issue at:

  10. Dear Sir/
    I am Pastor Emmanuel Osei founder of Needy Network Foundation, an NGO that has the desire to provide and take care of orphans and deprived children in society. Though there may be no war in Ghana, some children live in very poor conditions in Ghana. we will be glad if you can assist us to educate,cater and equip these children with some technical skills and knowledge.Assistance in form of food education,home for the them, is welcomed Isaiah .58.7-10

    I also want somebody with whom I will plant a church here in Ghana
    I am very happy to see your ministry on the net
    I am interested in your ministry and will like to join you to preach
    the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Best regards.

    Needy Network Foundation

    P.O.BOX 629

    Ashaiman, Ghana, West Africa.

    Phone # 0233243273245

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