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  1. My name is Don Davis; I am the administrator of this blog and a part of the team that is putting together the Missions Track at the conference in August. Here is a description of my background to let you know where I am coming from.

    I began in ministry while attending Liberty Bible College in Pensacola, Florida in 1976. My wife Jeannie and I moved to Pensacola to attend bible school right after we received the Lord in 1974.

    In 1980 I became part a church planting team in my home town of Frederick, Maryland. The church quickly grew to over 300 members and soon we were sent out to West Chester, Pennsylvania to plant a church in 1983. I served as pastor in this Philadelphia suburb for 9 years.

    In 1992 Jeannie and I along with our four daughters answered the call to minister in Indonesia where I served as Academic Dean in a local church Bible school with over 1000 students. While serving there the church grew from 1,500 members to over 10,000. My goal was to see church planters raised up to reach the unreached of Indonesia and beyond.

    After a few years training leaders and church planters in Indonesia, we moved to the southern part of Thailand and help start a ministry center established to serve those who are called to Muslim ministry. It was there that we founded (in conjunction with a national team) a school of Islamic ministry ( known as the Institute for Intercultural Studies where I still serve as part of the working committee. While in Thailand, I also functioned as part of a team of strategic coordinators targeting a large unreached people group throughout southeast Asia.

    In June of 2004 I joined the team at Accelerating International Missions Strategies (AIMS – ) where I served as the Director of Ministry Operations and the Asia Director until late 2007. During that time I graduated from Regent University finally completing a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis on Muslim Ministry.

    At present I am part team who has started “Strategic Church Network” assisting churches in the Hampton Roads area to be missional. We are at our beginning stages of being a regional network of simple, organic churches called to be where people live and work ( ). We have also been part of a team that has facilitated a regional house church network: Hampton Roads Simple Church network ( that is established to serve as an arm to link house churches together informally. I am now hoping to serve the Lord via this new network of missions minded saints called House2Harvest.

    Jeannie and I have been married since 1973 and live in Portsmouth, Virginia. All four of their daughters love the Lord and are now grown. We are also proud grandparents of three grandsons. Jeannie serves the Regent community managing the Regent University bookstore.

  2. Steve Lyzenga

    Howdy, steve here. Good friends with Don Davis in Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Don and i had a wild idea a couple years ago – we presumed simple churches could use some help engaging in the GC. As we are all aware, the simple church movement’s potential to release Kingdom resources (manpower, finances, etc.) toward finishing the GC is off the scale. Conceptually, a simple church mobilization ministry was born.

    Recently we termed this concept: House2Harvest. Now we are looking forward to working with a team of like-spirited/minded visionaries and implementors to help birth this concept and take it from the drawing board to reality. As the Lord leads, we hope you will join us!

  3. Hello. My name is Chad Houck, and my wife Amy and I will be attending the H2H conference this year for the first time. We presently serve the Church full time traveling and discussing/helping/eye-opening people to the responsibility we have to one another for service and care through a model we have called “Share 5”. It is a focus on 5 character traits of Christ; compassion, sacrifice, passion, teamwork and leadership, and the practical application of those traits in our daily walk and through our lives as a lifestyle.

    We have been fortunate to have been part of a developing project in Ghana West Africa (both as domestic “consultants” and as short term missionaries in August of 2007) where a school has developed over the last 7 years mostly due to the hard work, determination, and care of the local indigenous people. We have learned greatly about ourselves, missions, caring for others, and a new paradigm in missional work through our engagement with this project for the last 6-7 years.

    We look forward to dialogging with this group as it considers how the HC model can mobilize to the mission field. Though not HC members ourselves, our highly mobile lifestyle often leaves us reliant on our own little church… our family of four, where we meet the Lord on a daily basis.

    Looking forward to meeting you all at H2H!

  4. Hi, this is Bruce Gordon from Connecticut. My family and I are involved in HC circles in New England, and I am looking forward to coming to the Conference, having missed it in the past couple of years due to travel.

    I’ve been privileged to spent part of that time working with U.S. evangelists who travel to South Asia and Tanzania, where they hold traditional outdoor evangelistic meetings. When I travel with them, I’m ‘the house church guy’ and I focus on training & equipping local workers in evangelism, CP, HC and related topics. We’ve seen a great move of God in the Hindu and Muslim worlds.

    I always love the Conference, where I see old friends and meet new ones. I think that this year’s missions track is going to be very exciting, and I am hoping to learn a lot from both group and one-on-one discussions.

  5. Hi my name is joey (full name withheld online). we are helping lead a house church in austin, texas, seeking to reach Muslims in Austin.

    I’d love to dialogue with anybody out there. We need help!


    Email me at

  6. Hi and warm greetings,
    THANK you so much for writing this blog.
    My question: is there anyone out there planting house churches in the nations? Any USA house churches already mobilized in sending missionaries? In brief summary, I’ve been a missionary to Africa for nearly 3 years. I left the institutional / denominational church over a year ago and would LOVE to connect with house church folk involved in missions. I’m connected with a few house churches in Oklahoma which are relatively young, so I’d greatly appreciate hearing back from ANYONE who knows about who and how I can connect with in order to plant house churches in the nations. I have a website,
    with warm thanks and love

  7. Hi friends,
    I am Abraham Wesley from India. I just happened to visit the House2Harvest Network blog and I was very excited a I went through the content and introductions. I served as the National Program Director for India in Trnas World Radio for over 12 years and now heading an indigenous mission called India Revival Ministries. I would like to actively participate in the interactions on the House2Harvest Network. India Revival Ministries is involved in Outreach, Training, Church Planting and Supporting Native Missionaries. Look forward to hearing from you. May the Lord bless you all.

  8. Greetings Abraham – great to hear from you. to get the full value of the network, go to and sign up to join.
    Hope to see you on the network soon!
    God Bless!

  9. I came to the Lord after many people had NOT witnessed to me. One person obviously did finally share Christ with me and I never looked back.

    God led me to study the Bible at a Christian college and on to seminary (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary). I have a Master of Divinity degree. Before I was saved I spent a year of high school as an exchange student in W. Berlin. I learned not to be afraid of Communists which came in handy in later years. I spent a year in Israel having been gone 18 months. My Hebrew is not as fluent as my German once was. I learned some Russian in W. Berlin and learned Greek in college and seminary. I could see quickly that you can’t keep up with God at Babel. But I lost my fear of other languages and other alphabets and scripts.

    I eventually went back into engineering via electronics which set me again for a technical career. I appreciated the intellectual challenge not realizing God was training me for the future.

    In January of 1996 I acquired the domain name I anticipated sharing Christ via cell phone during the Atlanta Olympic Games but I found I had to wait for the Internet to be populated by Christian resources, for a wireless network to be set up in Atlanta (or anywhere), and use of cell phones by the general population. There were times when I felt like giving up since nothing seemed to be happening. In 2000 I learned html code at the local community college which meant I could work on my web site myself. I spent non-work time developing a multi-language outreach which you can find on

    I have talked to many people and I have learned how people generally respond and I know the Holy Spirit is always at work. Thus, I have full confidence that the Word of God presented on the Internet and on cell phones is just as powerful as any other presentation. I make the resources available with some comments and then it is up to the Holy Spirit. I have put music on most pages as in the Old Testament when the people asked the prophet to hear from God, the prophet generally requested a musical instrument!

    I am now retired. I have 10 .mobi sites with the Gospel available online and on cell phones in 180 languages. Cell phones are very inexpensive in many countries where PC use costs $1/hour at an Internet cafe in metropolitan areas. The reach of cell phone coverage is much further. I am revamping for increased use by mobile devices. I test what I put on the Internet on my cell phone and solve as many technical problems as I can. I have other sites that seemed to be the directive of God. I am legal in China for I created in honor of the 4 Oakland police who were killed in 2009. It turns out to be a good compendium of resources. I created in response to teen suicides in my town. Other things have happened that I have to keep to myself. In general, my motivation for reaching out is that I could have been born elsewhere with little access to the Gospel. I would be overjoyed if some one in the U.S. reached out to me. So I follow this reversed situation being so glad that finally someone shared Christ with me. When unsolvable issues come up my analytical mind sorts through the data and sometimes I can see a solution which I then have no choice but to work toward no matter what the time or cost.

    I am in complete agreement with Rick Warren of The Purpose Driven Life who says the only thing we cannot do in heaven is evangelism. So we have to do it now while on this earth. I don’t know how many people it is possible to help escort into the kingdom of God being one person but I am going to work toward it and eventually I will find out. I have been told over and over again that one person cannot reach the world for Christ. I finally had a yell time with God that he is God and I don’t have to take this from him, so put a tool into my hands to reach the world for Christ. The next morning suddenly my boss sent me to be trained on the Internet and that very hour when I saw that the Internet is the new Roman Roads of the Gospel, I secured (It was a Wednesday in January of 1996.)

    I talk with people wherever I am and hand them a tract with my web site name(s) on it. Usually, they thank me and put it in their purse or wallet. I am sure at the right moment they will find it again. So I’m not just a computer nerd. :> Without telling anyone what I was wondering God solved for me by sending someone I had never met who said exactly one sentence to me. “You are the perfect balance of Mary and Martha.”

    I don’t know how to do this but Christians who text and talk on their cell phones need to become fluent in witnessing to any and all through these same devices. I realize there are several blockages. The first is the tendency not to witness. The second is not realizing resources are literally right at their finger tips in multiple languages. The third is not realizing that it’s just as easy to witness to a person in another language as in your own, if you have good resources. In order to share, you must not be blind to the existence of such non-English speakers all around you. Talking to people reveals an abundance of segways to these resources. The fourth is that other countries are way ahead of the U.S. users for data usage (Internet surfing). My bank just started offering to text me the same information I call in via my cell phone to locate. Things are changing. My solution is to make illustrations on my web pages using photos I took with my cell phone and sent to my email. I can say these also appear on cell phone sites. Maybe beauty will beckon appreciation for sharing the Gospel via mobile devices.

    God told me one thing over and over in 1969 when I was first filled with the Holy Spirit. He said, “Don’t stop. Never stop. You never have to stop. Don’t ever ever stop.” So as more resources become available on the web and technology evolves, I know I must use it to reach people for the Gospel. The vision I had when I first got saved was so many people all around the world were jumping up and down praising God that the earth’s orbit changed slightly. Of course, as a new Christian I could not see what I see now. If we go into space, I will have to follow somehow.

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