Members Update

From time to time an email update will be sent to those who have joined the House2Harvest Network. Those email updates will be archived here.

One response to “Members Update


    Greetings House2Harvest Networkers,

    I hope you have had the opportunity to explore the House2Harvest Website. Thank you for taking the time to join. We have had several join, but I know there are many more out there! If you know of simple/house church folks who would be interested in networking together for the sake of reaching the nations, be sure to let them know about this site. If you would like to see who has joined so far, go to the Member page. I am very encouraged how the network is coming together!

    Just remember, I will not put anyone on the site as being part of the network without their permission. This is best done via the Join the Network link. So please be sure that they join so that they can participate in the network. (I know there are several prominent simple church missions folks who have not yet joined)

    Being a Contributor on the House2Harvest Blog:

    That reminds me, today I was updating the House2Harvest blog and realized that I had not made a way for you to enter into conversation with those who have become part of the network. Sorry about that!!! For me to be able to do this, I will need to sign you up as a “contributor” on the blog site. This will open up the opportunities for us to dialogue and get this network moving forward.

    Soon, you will be receiving an email via asking you to accept this invitation. If you do not want to be a contributor that is fine, if you do you will need to sign up with (no cost involved) and then you will be able to post on the site. I will serve as the moderator for the site. No one will be a contributor unless they join the network.

    How to Make this Network Work for You:

    House2Harvest Network is not an organization or a ministry where one person or board directs what is going on. It is our intention that it function without hierarchy in a relational, “flat” format. What that means is that it will only be as valuable as you make it. Here are a few pointers that will help you benefit from the network:

    1. Visit the site often and see who has joined.
    2. Make note of those who have like interests and contact them for opportunities to partner and network to reach the nations.
    3. When you have a networking or partnering opportunity post it on the blog. Talk about it, share your passion and purpose for doing what the Lord has called you to do.
    4. The network site serves as a clearinghouse of information and resources. Take what you need, give what you can share with others to benefit the Kingdom of God.
    5. The network is not designed for raising funds. This should be done offsite with those whom you have established relationship with. We encourage announcing what is happening, sharing stories and the like. But pleased refrain from seeing this network merely for gaining funds. We need funds for sure, so let it be understood that anyone on the network who is doing missions work could use financial help – so no need to advertise the obvious. That being said, in times of emergency, those needs should be communicated and are welcomed. It may be best to point folks to your website or personal blog for the details.
    6. See this network as a hub that will direct folks to other tools of communication such as your website and blog site.
    7. Do you know of some other ways it can help? Let me know and we’ll post it on the blog.

    Some Future Plans:

    Sometime in the future we hope to have a face to face consultation with everyone on the network as well as others who can join with us for a profitable time. If you have any ideas regarding this, this may be a good topic for the blog site.

    I guess that is all for now. You have a blessed Christmas and New Year. See you on the network! (Feel free to forward this to others who are involved in simple church and missions.)

    God Bless!
    Don Davis

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