We have established this blog to facilitate discussion regarding simple, organic, house churches to do mission, focusing mainly on reaching those nations (people groups) who are still unreached, unengaged and neglected. 

This network is anyone who is interested in seeing simple/house churches and networks mobilized to take the gospel of the Kingdom to the unreached nations of the world as well as the marginalized poor such as the widow and orphan.

We do our “real time” network on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/32562054297/

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  1. For further clarification, we will take the results from this forum and make them available to those who attend the Missions Track at the National House Church Conference in August. This will provide some background and resources for those who are attending.

    We will also continue this forum AFTER the conference in order to serve the networks so that they will be better equipped and prepared to reach the nations.

    This is fun!

  2. I recently received an email from Bruce who asked:
    “Do you have detailed info on what will be
    offered as part of the missions track?

    I’m wondering what the balance will be Re: getting churches and networks involved in the harvest vs. things that might be aimed at actual
    trainers and CP’ers.”

    Here is my reply for further clarification:
    We have three sessions (90 minutes each) during the conference time. We will be dealing with three basic issues(this is still on the drawing board – so this is not set in stone), this is what we are thinking:

    Session One: Why HC’s are suited for pioneer missions amongst the unreached and why this is the time, season for responding. As well as why we need to be focused locally and globally.

    Session Two: How HC’s can do missions – this will be more of a nuts and bolts discussion.

    Session Three: This will be a networking session based around regions of interest, and possible strategic interest such as CPM’s, the poor etc.

    It is very important that we don’t separate those who are asking questions from those who have answers. I know this is painful many times for the practioner, but in this early stage we may need to assist in mobilization – and then turn our attention to training.

    Following the close of the conference we will have a “strategic roundtable” discussing how we can network together in more concrete terms and developing a plan to mobilize, train and send servants to the field from HC’s and their networks.

    The purpose of this roundtable will be to:
    • Collaborate what we have discovered during the weekend
    • Get on the same page
    • Develop active networks and partnerships to engage house churches in doing strategic missions. (this is where we will zero on networking together the CP’ers and trainers and making them available to HC networks.)
    • We may then if we have time lay out some strategy on how we can accomplish the task before us and begin to put or feet to the vision.
    Be sure to plan to stay an extra night on Sunday since we are not sure how long this session will last.

    I think, since this is the first meeting of this type, and our time is limited it will be more of the first “getting churches and networks involved in the harvest” but discussion may go beyond that if there is enough response. We need to be sure that folks who are wanting to respond to God’s leading are not overwhelmed by the “experts” – but that we may want to hold some trainings in regions with local networks as opportunities arise and let this build relationally rather than falling into a more traditional “information overload”. I know that is slow – but in the long run more fruit will be birthed.

    The content of the workshops will come out of much of what we discuss on the blog, that is the purpose for the blog, but we also need to keep in mind the short time we have together. We can discuss how we can solve the problem in detail at the post-conference roundtable. I have some ideas, but I also want to hear what everyone else is hearing from the Lord.

    God Bless! Don

  3. Hello Don,
    I’ll be attending the conference in Dallas and look forward to meeting you and being part of the World Missions track. I’ve been involved full-time in missions for the last 16 years, and run a mission organization called Global Opportunities for Christ (www.GOforChrist.org). As you are probably aware, there are different philosophies and approaches to missions ranging from the traditional “send Americans overseas” model to the find, indentify, support and partner with effective indigenous groups. I’m curious to find out your leanings and experience in missions because a few of the scant things that I’ve read from the house to house links give me the impression that there will be an emphasis at this conference on “recruiting” people interested in seeing the spread of house churches all over the world and then figuring out “how to get them from here to there.” If this is the only approach being presented, I just wanted to share with you that there are other persepectives and strategies–i.e. identifying where God is moving and where spontaneous house churches are springing up around the world-i.e. Iran, India, China, in the Muslim world, etc., and then seeing what people involved in these movements really need. We may discover that it may not be our going there. It may mean that what they really need are automobiles, motorcycles, or other tangible “tools,” or support for their missionaries to go from town to town, that they currently don’t have. It’s a big topic for discussion, but I just wanted to get some impression from you if this aspect of the dialogue may be something that is on the agenda. I’d be happy to talk with you, or you could visit our website and see some of the things we’re doing here at Global Opportunities in the area of world missions. [By the way, I do have an orientation toward house church, and have for the past 40 years. In many of the places I get to go and places that we do support, there is opportunity where people are open to receiving people to come and teach,but that needs to be carefully monitored, and trust and respect needs to be gained and earned.]

  4. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for your addition to the discussion. Please be sure you take some time to read through all the posts and get an idea of what has been said so far. Really we have just scratched the surface regarding several issues, and some we have not seen addressed as of yet, such as the issue you bring up; Sending Models. Up to now we have discussed it in regards to what can we do from the perspective of our networks. As far as I am concerned, I am more pragmatic knowing that a model that is strictly from a foreign sending base can be problematic as well as a model that is strictly from a near indigenous group has its own set of unique challenges. I prefer to look at it from the King’s perspective. That means its’ His money, His people, His servants, to send where He choses and our responsibility is to follow that lead even if we have a preference regarding one model or the other. I have personally been involved in training workers in both models and have seen them both work. I am very aware of the limitations of teams from the west going into unreached regions and taking years to gain presence and trust. Not that God would never do this – I have seen exceptions – but I think that those that are furtherest from the target culture serve best in a supportive role, and not as front line apostles and disciplers.
    In regards to what we can accomplish at the conference, we hope that this will be a time of sharing ideas and opportunities as well as wisdom from those with experience. I do not think that we will run with just one model in the simple/house church networks, there is too much diversity as well as opportunities.
    That being said, I hope that no house church network is planning to go and “plant house churches as part of their network” in other nations, or house churches of our “brand”, but rather networking with those house churches that are near and networking with them to accomplish the task of reaching specific unreached people groups.
    I mentioned in the post called “A Plan” the concept of forward operating bases, this is a great opportunity to those who are furtherest away in cultural identity to serve on the field to help support the front line workers and being a servant and a “bridge” between the senders and the goers. I helped set up one of these in southeast Asia and it is still a very valuable tool to reaching a very large people group and other like ethnic groups that are unreached as well as mobilizing local churches that have very little interest in reaching outside of their ethnic groups.
    To be honest with you (and I have been up to this point 🙂 ) I have no desire to help house church folks fine places where they can go teach/preach outside of the USA and call that missions. I think that has hindered the cause to reach the unreached more than anything else because it does exactly what we are resisting doing in our own networks at home – and that is making God’s people dependent on an expert to come and tell them what God is saying. Not that there is not a time to speak apostolically to a group, but yes it does need to be done with caution.
    I am not sure the level of attenders at the missions track. There may be veteran missionaries such as yourself as well as people who have never gotten involved in missions. So we will want to be sensitive and flexible regarding to our discussions so that we can help as many as possible get on board with reaching the nations from their simple/house church networks in the USA. Your expertise may be needed in the second session when we discuss the HOW of doing strategic missions in your house church.
    I am looking forward to meeting you, we both live in Virginia – I am in the Hampton Roads area. Feel free to drop me an email if you would like to discuss some of this further, or post it in the appropriate place here on the blog so others can join in.
    I hope you can stay for the post-conference round table (House2Harvest network). Here we will get down to business and launch a network of simple churches and organizations that can serve together to reach the nations.
    See you in a few days!

  5. Hi Don,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I’d like to respond to a few of your comments:
    1. I do not think that we will run with just one model in the simple/house church networks, there is too much diversity as well as opportunities.
    (Response) I have been to many mission conferences, consultations, country network meetings, etc. and all too often, there is one particular model, over others, that is being pushed. That is usually the one that encourages people from the USA who have a heart for missions to get involved by going on short term trips, and that hopefully some of those will get clear that they should become full-time missionaries and then go long-term. Rarely is equal time given to the point of view that it might be better for those with a burden to reach the world to stay home, keep their jobs and financially support those in the field who know the language, know the culture, can drink the water, live on the same standards as the local people, who don’t have to “come home” when their wives have babies, who don’t go on sabbatical for a year every four years AND, and who can cost 20 X’s more than a qualified indigenous leader from the field. Highlighting the financial stewardship of sending versus supporting, and contrasting the opportunities for people involved in the house church networks who want to get involved could be quite eye-openning, considering that statistically, most people who go out from the West as missionaries a) have little experience to begin with doing church planting (in other words, we’re not sendin our best), and 2) the majority end up coming home after the first or second year (after spending probably $150,000), with little or no fruit to show for it. Obviously there are opposing views, pros and cons, etc., but the fact that you would be willing to give equal time to looking at the other side and letting people know that there really are significant missiological differences in how to approach missions that need to be weighed and considered, would be most encouraging and refreshing to my heart!
    2. I have no desire to help house church folks fine places where they can go teach/preach outside of the USA and call that missions. I think that has hindered the cause to reach the unreached more than anything else …
    (Response) Amen!
    I know that it’s not a black and white issue–all one way or all the other. I have seen great benefit and blessing come when gifted men and women–who really have an extra-local calling–can go overseas for short periods of time to teach, encourage, and provide counsel and lessons for places where the church is still emerging. But in my opinion, the day of the long-term missionary from the West is winding down (though there will always be exceptions). What is needed and being asked for more and more by leaders overseas is “speciallists.” For instance, in many countries where revival has been operative for the last 10 years or so, and so many young Christian workers and now experiencing burnout, there is a great need for people with counseling skills to go in and address issues where God has not, as yet, raised up indigenous leadership to do so. In many of these countries where the winds of revival are blowing, people are being swept along by the leading of the spirit, and are frankly, too busy to have had the opportunity to sit down and “work everything out” theologically. By contrast, because that has not been the case here in America in the past few decades, we have had the luxury of having he time to construct more Biblical and consistently New Testament theologies, but we have sorely lacked in the experience of seeing a dramatic move of the Spirit where house church multiplication is second-nature, not something that rarely occurs. So the reality is, we (those of us here in the West) need to SEE what we are only reading about from the New Testament but not experiencing personally, and they (those in other cultures overseas) could use a little help with the theology, perspective, and understanding what mistakes have been made here in the West to help them lay more groundwork for staying on track in the future.

    I look forward to continuing the discussion and meeting you at the conference. It’s nice to know that you are not far away. What do you do in “real life” besides organize house church conferences? :0)


  6. Hi Don,
    I erred in my last entry in saying or implying that the cost to support indigenous Christian workers overseas could be 20 X’s more than the cost to support a Western missionary. I meant to say just the opposite, which I think you probably understood, but in a second reading I found that it did not come across that way. An average cost to support a missionary from the West overseas is now around $75,000 a year, where in many countries, the cost to support effective indigenous workers is only $2,500 to $5,000. [In Turkey alone there are estimated to be in excess of 1,500 foreign missionaries, but only an indigenous church of 3,000 believers. There is something wrong with that picture…and the resources that are being mis-directed…mind-boggling.]


    Dear precious servants of God,

    Holy greetings to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord, savior and redeemer. Grace to you and peace from our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

    I’m writing from Kenya and it was by the grace of our Mighty Lord that I visited your WebPages via the internet and was privileged to find your contact. After prayerfully reading your pages, I was spiritually charged, moved and thrilled since I came to realize that we shared a common faith in the Lord.

    We’re a young growing Ministry whose major aim is to plunder hell to populate heaven. By so doing we practice Bible studies, Prayer and evangelism to various areas to meet and restore more lost souls.

    Besides the Gospel, we are involved in pity and compassionate ministries.

    I’m making a humble prayer request to our father that He may touch your hearts that we can be in partnership since we’re all brothers and sisters born of Him. And this I pray all discernment; that you may approve the things that are excellent that you may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ

    Secondly I could love to send you an official invitation letter to those who’re in the ministry that may be touched to come to Kenya this year. It would be great for you will have a chance to teach your sound doctrine to us, preach, baptize and also establish your mission work here in Kenya . There’s only body and one spirit, Just as you were called in hope of your calling, One Lord, One faith, One baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all in you all.

    I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy for we are hoping to be in fellowship with you. Being confident of this very thing, that “He has began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” just as it is right for me to think this of you all since I have you in my heart.

    A ministry well done by His faithful servants brings Glory and Honor to God!

    We wish you God’s blessings for time and eternity, make you complete in every good work to do His will as ye faithfully labor in Him as you look forward to extend your love to us.

    May the peace and grace which cometh fro from Jesus Christ who hath loved and gaveth us everlasting consolation be with you.I you wish to send us any books that can help us spritually,i will appreciate very much together with my Church members.Please,use the following adress.

    Pr.Pastor Dominic.


    Tel no +254-725-272-230.



    Please we hope to hear from you soon.

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