Simple Church Planting IS Making Disciples

I recently had the opportunity to guest lecture at Regent University during their Church Planting Methods and Models class. I put together a PowerPoint of my lecture and thought I might share it with you here.

I posted it up on YouTube, so I have broken up into four parts ten minutes each.


Simple Church Planting – Part One:

Simple Church Planting – Part Two:

Simple Church Planting – Part Three:

Simple Church Planting – Part Four:

Hope these are a blessing to you!

God Bless,

4 responses to “Simple Church Planting IS Making Disciples

  1. Pastor Pramod Kumar Guru

    The Church Planting Movement idea is exellent and it is a model for every visionary who serving the Lord to bring His Kingdom in to the earth. I so impressed and appreciate for this initiative. If you have no problem then may use this strategies and model in my Mission Fied at ORISSA IN INDIA. Recently i have started a church growth movement by taking my co-brothers and sisters to reach the unreached one District in Orissa, that is Rayagada District. Could you please pray for us to accomplish this job before 2020.
    Yours Loving Brother in Christ,

    • Brother Pramod – These strategies are not mine, but the Lord’s and I am sure HE would want you to use them 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and my God bless your work.

  2. Don,
    So, you have actually planted numerous churches according to this pattern and have seen this type of multiplied growth? Amazing! I would like to come to Virginia and experience this.

  3. We are still in the experimental stages, but I have seen these kind of results in India as well as China. We pray that this kind of harvest would happen in the USA as well! You don’t need to come to Virginia, you can do it where you live!
    God Bless. Don

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