Loving Muslims – Three Challenging Books to Read

One of the greatest challenges we have as servants to the nations is the ability to serve those who are of the Muslim faith. There are so many differing opinions on what is the right strategy and posture to take when approaching our spiritual cousins. Let me take a few moments to recommend three great books to read that will not only warm your heart towards our Muslim neighbors, but assist you in how to be a friend and servant to them.

  • The third books I would recommend is: “A Deadly Misunderstanding – A Congressman’s Quest to Bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide” by Mark D. Siljander. Siljander shares his story of seeing Muslims as an enemy to a people who are seeking God and are open to learn from those who are also seeking to know God. His historic encounters with Muslim leaders around the world will encourage and enlighten you so that you can also be a friend of those who are Muslims in your neighborhood. You may find that many of them desire to follow Jesus and learn from Him. I had the opportunity to sit down with a few other friends and discuss his book and simple church several weeks ago. It was an honor to meet him. Be sure to check his website – A Deadly Misunderstanding.

These three books may be quite controversial to some, but I highly recommend them. They have certainly kept me from growing cold and disinterested in loving followers of Islam. In fact, they have helped me to be obedient by “loving my enemies” in a real tangible way as Christ has command us to do.

2 responses to “Loving Muslims – Three Challenging Books to Read

  1. Hey Don,

    These are the top three books that I recommend to everyone I work with. Great choice!

    I will miss seeing you at Common Ground this week.


  2. I LOVED “Deadly Misunderstanding”! What a book! Seeing the radical power of the name of Jesus outside of Christianity! Wow!

    My husband and I knew and served with Mark Siljander about 10 or so years ago in the Washington, DC area … and have gotten back in touch when we discovered his book.

    Everyone needs to read this — our old views are just *wrong*, and damaging, to “them”, to “us”. Acutally, there is no “us vs. them”… there’s just Him. And yet, there’s such resistance to changing our traditional group-think.

    Still, we haven’t thwarted His plan yet..! šŸ˜‰

    Shalom, Dena

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