North East Thailand Sources Needed

Just a quick note to all, if you know of someone who does training and discipleship in organic/simple church in the region of North East Thailand – please respond here.

If you or someone you know is involved in that part of the world and serve in that capacity let us know!

4 responses to “North East Thailand Sources Needed

  1. The first people I’d try contacting are the folks at New Generations International at Hope this helps. -Phil McCollum

  2. Brother Lawrence

    Iam interested in the same region. Been there and back twice-lived there a total of 2 years. All I have encounterd are IC churches so far.We know Christ, there is surley something much greater to encounter as far as the real gospel is lived. Plenty of barriers to break through in this region Isaan. Please contact me or send message and perhaps it being God’s will we might find our way together.

  3. Brother Lawrence – I understand your struggle. Le me suggest that you go to the House2Harvest Networkwebsite ( and join in on the relational network. In the “relationship room” as we call it, there several groups formed around specific areas of interest. I have started a group for Thailand (, and you could join that as folks begin to network around serving the people of that nation.

    God Bless,

  4. Our team is working out of Khon Kaen Thailand in order to plant organic and simple house churches. We work with Thais and Western missionaries advocating and working towards Church Planting Movements in this part of the world. Would love to connect.

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