How Will This Work?

I just got an email from Shawn (take a look at his blog ) and he asked a very important question – so I will put it out for all of you to chime in and see what you all have to say.

His question was:

I am curious as to know how this (House2Harvest Network) could work. Is the intention that through the networking, a house church might find a way to serve a “foreign” group/pastor/church planter/evangelist/house church group to reach people in another country?

If so, would they do that through financial support, prayer support, short term missions, potentially sending long-term missions to start a new house church or house church network?

Would there be any other ways?

So how would you answer Shawn? I am looking forward to hearing some great insights from all of you.


2 responses to “How Will This Work?

  1. Excellent set of questions! Being on the mission field in the Rain Forest region of Ecuador and developing house churches in this region, I am going to take some time to answer these questions. For now, I will also wait to see how others deal with the questions.

  2. I believe this “Paradigm shift” as you mentioned is happening on many levels. God has been speaking to us about the same; we just recently taught titled just that Not only is it the key, it’s the truth and the message that will be preached “then the end will come.” Let’s hasten our Lord’s return and preach the Kingdom of God to all, disciple those who believe and watch Him build His Church! “Train and Launch!”

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