Simple Churches Doing Missions Part 2 – Keeping Missions Simple

In my previous post I discussed a very involved process regarding doing missions, specifically when reaching into the least reached regions, among the unreached peoples that still need to know about Jesus. After posting it I realized that “man, that’s not very simple is it!” (Thanks to a few comments from some folks.) But really it is. Here are a few ways we can keep missions simple;

1.       Only do what you see the Lord doing. The process takes time (the chart in my last post could take 5-20 years to accomplish reaching a people group). So go slow and listen to the Lord as you go doing what He is doing and not being driven by a program or plan.

2.       Network with other simple churches. It’s not all your or your house church’s responsibility to know and do everything. This is why we need to network.  It may be that your house church may take on just one element of long list of what would need to be done.

3.       Take personal responsibility. Simple churches are fluid. They may meet together for a short period of time or for years. Take what the Lord has revealed to you to accomplish with you wherever you go. Be a champion for reaching that unreached, least reached people group.

4.       It’s not our work; it’s the King’s work. Continually remind yourself that it is the Lord’s work. There is a delicate balance between being sensitive to the Lord’s leading, carefully following Him, and taking the “bull by the horns” and making it happen. It boils down to obedience, not ambition or strategies.

This may not be exhaustive – if I continue with the list, it starts to get too complicated.

We need to know what we are doing, and the scope of the “big picture”, but we also must keep it simple.

3 responses to “Simple Churches Doing Missions Part 2 – Keeping Missions Simple

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  2. As simple as Simple Churches are, they are still too complex. We went down this try trying to simplyfy church planting (we had been doing church planting for over 20 years by that stage) thinking that if and when Churches are Simple, then they can be Multiplied. Sounds logical – right? Yes, EXCEPT, there is NO command to start churches – only MAKE Disciples! There is ONE Church – and that is the one that Jesus is Building – the command to us is to MAKE DISCIPLES. When that is done, then the disciples should follow Christ – this migh lead to groupings of “churches”, but hopefully not – because it is as Salt and Yeast (Mixed in with the community) that we are the most POTENT!

  3. You are so right Justin – Simple Churches are to make disciples! When disciples are being made – church happens, not the other way around. What we are attempting to encourage is the involvement of the thousands of simple churches around the world to get involved with making disciples among the unreached. We certainly are not wanting to see another “brand” of church established in the world – but to go and make disciples of all nations.
    God Bless!

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