Voices from the Field

We are having some great dialogue, and many are lurking these posts reading what has been written. I hope that we are stimulating one another to take this time of history to finish the task of reaching the least reached nations!

Keeping that in mind, we here in the States can quickly be accused of being “armchair” missiologists and ignoring some of the issues from the field. Although many of you who have posted have had cross-cultural experience in another country, we would like to hear from those servants of other nations (sometimes called missionaries) and glean from their wisdom.

Would you take some time to contact some of the field workers you know and see if they would be willing to add their voice to this discussion? We would be foolish to think that we can discuss and make some of these decisions and not take into consideration what is happening on the field.

Let’s hear from the field! I am confident that God has great thinks on store for us as we labor together to reach the last reached nations (peoples)!

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