What will it take?

Our fourth question in the forum is:

What will it take for these HC networks to do missions more effectively and strategically?

Let’s share your ideas and strategic thinking as well as some actual stories of what you have done.

Be sure to let others know about this discussion so that they can join in. The more participants we have more data and examples we will have not to mention the depth of the network.


5 responses to “What will it take?

  1. Travis Burkhalter

    Intense, consistent, Prayer/ intercession. Our “network” was birthed from prayer and we continue to seek God as servant equippers in our network. We get together once a week to pray…this is where the effective strategies are birthed. We’ve seen disciples made and a gathering started in Downtown Dallas amongst the homeless. We’ve seen a Cuban refugee come to the Lord and is now being discipled along with a gathering starting in his home. All of our fruit has come from the Father as we seek Him and our sensitive to what He is doing.

  2. Travis has put what’s first – first! Prayer – without prayer our desire to reach the nations is futile.

    How will we mobilize prayer regarding reaching the unreached without developing a program? This is simple when we are reaching across town, but when you are reaching across oceans and into areas that may even by hostile to the gospel or the west – what should we do?

  3. One area I have worked in is partnering with other ministries that desire to have house church training added alongside their more traditional evangelistic ministries.

    I have worked in South Asia for the past 2 years doing church planting /evangelism / HC training along side folks who do traditional outdoor evangelistic & healing meetings.

    This training has been well rec’d and appreciated, and the CP work is going well.

    Bruce Gordon, New England

  4. Thanks Bruce!

    Your experience will certainly add to this discussion and a great network of trainers and mobilizers. Look forward to hearing more.

  5. Wilfred Tejano

    I am so excited to know that the movement is seriously moving towards mission to the world’s remaining unreached/least -reached peoples.

    I really wish I could join with you guys to learn from you and share what I know.

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