Post National HC Conference Roundtable Reminder

Just a reminder for everyone of interest. We are planning to hold a roundtable following the last session of the HC Conference on Sunday. The purpose of this meeting will be to:

  • collaborate what we have discovered during the weekend
  • Get on the same page
  • develop active networks and partnerships to engage house churches in doing strategic missions.

Be sure to plan to stay an extra night on Sunday since we are not sure how long this session will last.

God Bless! Don Davis

One response to “Post National HC Conference Roundtable Reminder

  1. Steve Lyzenga

    I plan on being there with you Don. How about the rest of you?

    If you have a combo-heart for 1) the harvest and 2) the house church, we need you to join us, believing the extra day will be well worth your time. The Lord willing, we plan to brainstorm how to serve the hc movement by helping mobilize it from house-to-house-to-harvest. I hope many of you will join us in this crucial think tank towards God’s glory filling the whole earth!

    Don’s a really nice guy, but it sure would be nicer to not have to look at him only the entire afternoon/evening!

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