What’s Happening at Your House?

Our third question for this forum is: What is God doing now amongst house churches in regards to missions?

Take a few moments and tell us what the Lord is doing in your house/simple church in regards to missions. Tell us some stories about opportunities for cross-cultural relationships in your neighborhood, your area, and even regrading missions trips you may have taken within the context of your house church.

One response to “What’s Happening at Your House?

  1. Steve Lyzenga

    My wife Kim and I are part of a hc in Newport News, VA. It’s taken awhile (much longer than I hoped, which is why we need each others help in mobilizing to the ends of the earth); but our small group of about 15-20 is now participating in some missions. Interestingly, it is all involving Myanmar (Burma):
    1. We have adopted 10 orphans from Myanmar through my friend David Servant’s ministry, HeavensFamily.org (highly recommended)
    2. We are sending three of our church family to visit these orphans after Thanksgiving for a two week trip.
    3. We have recently become active in reaching out to two Burmese refugee families in our area. At this point, we are simply visiting and helping them with basic English skills. Of course, we hope it grows into long-term relationships that one-day gives us the opportunity to preach Jesus Christ to these Muslim families.

    Additionally, we have written letters to persecuted Christians through VOM, recently starting to send personalized Bibles to North Korea, and have given to visiting missionaries.

    I do rejoice in this, but hope someday soon to find ways to synergize efforts with other house churches in our area and beyond. We could accomplish oh so much more working together!

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