What Areas and Strategies Are Best?

The second question we are looking at is: What area or strategy in missions is best suited for house church networks?

What I mean is, can we assume that the house/simple church networks have a special “niche” in regards to fulfilling Matthew 24:14, and if so, where/what is that niche and what are some of the strategies that we are best suited to accomplish, and what are some of the strategies that are unrealistic for hc/sc folks?

Let’s open up this topic and see what ideas are out there!

4 responses to “What Areas and Strategies Are Best?

  1. No doubt that pioneering work is a great fit. Particularly in places where the church is persecuted.

    I wrote an article on this topic at this address: http://www.esler.org/2008/06/16/whos-a-better-missionary/

  2. Thanks Ted – your article hit the mark! There is so much potential sitting out there in house church gatherings.

    We may be on the verge of something historic!

  3. Brian Wheaton

    Obviously, the HC should be able to release more resources to missions with their minimal overhead. Visioning and implementation will be the key.

    Also, with the increase in Church Planting Movements and house churches in the unreached areas, we play an important role in continuing to facilitate the paradigm shift in accepting this simple model.

  4. Brian – that is so true! Looking forward to talking with you next with with Jerry!

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