Our Challenge to the least and the last

Can a house church do missions in some of the most challenging areas of the world? Let’s discuss if this is possible via house churches and thier networks as well as how we can do this.

Looking forward to your ideas!

8 responses to “Our Challenge to the least and the last

  1. I feel for certain that the hard and strategic areas can be reached from house church folks.
    Presently there is a group here in San Antonio engaging the MAAY-MAAY speakers from Somalia who have been relocated here from East Africa. The role of engaging local refugees, is a great starting place for house church folks.
    One element that is necessary is we need the Apostles, who are aware of the huge cultural differences and how to learn to engage in good cross-cultural ministry which will be the good soil for CPM to take root. The role of the retired missionary and those who have had to return to the States for one reason or another is an important one.
    The growing of teams with the same heartbeat is a natural for house church folks, I would think. Just imagine if the IH 35 corridor house churches were to adopt an unengaged group those with the sense of Gods call could be tested and trained together with little expense and disruption to normal life. The approach would not be jumping into the deep end first but to wade into the shallow waters together first. The intimacy of the house church and the built in accountability puts house church folks way down the road.


  2. A team of us recently returned from a mission to India where we equipped house church servant leaders for the work of ministry from seven nations including India, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Switzerland and the USA. God mightily blessed for which we give Him all the glory. The mission just prior to India was to the Philippines, Indonesia and China where we as a team of house church servants equipped servant leaders in these nations as well. These house church servants in turn equip and train others in their nation to multiply disciples, leaders and churches. We are looking forward to our mission this Fall to minister with house churches in Africa.

  3. David in Keller, Texas

    My friend uses the mantra “no spectators” to keep focused on properly running a home church without slipping back into traditional mode, where one or a select few do all the real spiritual stuff. On the other hand, it seems that the more traditional style churches that I am friends with are more into meeting the missions challenge, maybe because they are more organized. (I’m sorry! Is “organized” a bad word here?) Why can’t the home churches, excel at organizing, financing, cooperating, and participating when it comes to engaging the less-heard world? …I am puzzled and frustrated. Although there are exceptions, with individual home churches and individuals/families doing a great job in missions, the HC movement has to go thru an awakening and shed some self-ward-ness, and allow itself to be led by some “let’s-get-the-job-done-at-any-cost” types. (Some do call them apostles.) All I can do is keep going on my trips, and keep taking buddies with me for those first-time awakenings.

  4. Thanks David, Dan and Larry for your responses – the ball is rolling!

    So far we can say that:

    Larry is certain that HC folks can reach the unreached. He shares a great strategy right in our won “backyards” referring to the group in San Antonio engaging the Maay-Maay. That is exciting. Are there any unreached people in your community? How would you find that out?

    If anyone knows a way to connect with the international refugees or immigrants in a community (specifically those numbered amongst the unreached/unengaged), could you post some ideas here to let others know?

    Larry also states the need for apostles (not big-shots ) and how retired and returning missionaries can have a tremendous role in reaching the unreached who have come to our shores as well as serve as mobilizers amongst the HC community.

    Way to dream Larry – I’m tracking with you – on down that road!

    Dan shares a quick testimony regarding how the Lord can use HC folks to do short term training trips. Maybe some folks in your HC network could partner with Dan on his trip in the fall!

    David shares some insightful wisdom and illustrates the tension we are going to experience as HC’ers. That is that tension between being intentional and spontaneous. He asks the question: “Why can’t the home churches, excel at organizing, financing, cooperating, and participating when it comes to engaging the less-heard world?” Great question – let’s dialogue some more around that thought as well.

  5. Denny Spitters

    This is going to be a great blog site! I am excited about the role that HC’s can play in the work of reaching forgotten peoples.
    I agree with Larry reaching the “unreached” is a natural for HC’s. We will need apostles; but the real key will be those who will “make disciples of all nations”. Discipleship is the core of any reproducing HC movement and any CPM as I see it (Look at CHina) ! Simple is not only reproducable but can be fast on it’s feet – and that can be important where the gospel has not been heard & resistance is great. If the HC were to focus significantly on the unreached here from many nations, & used this focus as a training ground, for raising up & sending global cross-cultural disciples “there”….look out because God could do some incredible things through those HC’s (just look at the book of ACTS).

    Although it is a step by step process… May I suggest that you can get to the deep end of the pool faster and more effectively by partnership with missions agencies & groups who have church planting as their focus and posess expertise to help HC’s make that connection to .

    If you live near a campus just go make friends and meet students through an international students ministry or tell them they can practice english with you. make the connections and sow the seed, have them for dinner, invite them. hter are over 750,000 in the US right now.

    I am looking to hear more & connect to HC’s and hear their heart and share empower their vision for the “unreached” who have never heard about Jesus. I am the Director of Church Partnerships at PIONEERS http://www.pioneers.org .
    I coming to the hse2hse convnetion in Dallas and learning more.

    Personally, I think HC’s could do the best job of organizing, financing, cooperating, partnering, & sending to the “uttermost parts of the world”!

    I agree “no more spectators ” or “spectator” churches either!

  6. Thanks Denny, the opportunity for hc’s to do the task is so obvious. Keep getting the word out!

  7. Don wrote” If anyone knows how to connect with international refugees…etc.” on June 12. I have worked with refugees in Mpls/St.Paul for about 10 years. You can go through a placement organization such as “World Relief” to sponsor a family in ways to help them set up households and adjust to living in the USA. You can also find the ESL (English as a Second Language) Centers in your area and volunteer as a tutor. Easy ways to build relationships. Making trips to the ethnic grocery stores and making yourself available to help and build relationships with the folks who purchase there also is a place to consider visiting. I take refugees shopping, to the doctor, teach them about our culture, babysit, work out bills and banking issues, help them find and qualify for jobs, school issues etc. etc. Once you make a friend from this community, you make a friend for life….so be prepared to have a true relationship. Most Americans are superficial and see people as a “project” to “do” for awhile. I don’t advice anyone with that sort of short term idea of reaching refugees to minister in this area. Our family has loved ministerring in this community and we have made some wonderful friends who give to US in so many ways. Some of those we have done simple church with have also joined us in being Jesus to the refguee community and found their own ways to adopt these families into their own lives. It is a wonderful way to live out our faith and come alongside them in a vulnerable season of their life.

  8. thanks for the info katie–we are working with Burmese internationals here in NN,VA. Our HC had been wanting to get involved in our community and the nations. we started by adopting some Burmese orphans through “Heaven’s Family” a ministry that serves “the least of these”. the couple who run the ministry came to visit our HC and encouraged us to get involved with refugees in our area, which led to a phone call and very quick response from the refugee and immigrations office here in our area. We “adopted” 2 families and guess what the largest group of need was–Burmese. We began visiting their homes about 3 months ago and wow!! we are having a great time and building new and wonderful friendships. what a joy to share God’s heart through serving and being a friend in such a time of need. We have been quickly reminded of all that we take for granted. we are loving the interaction and look forward to a long friendship/relationship with these families. Just a side note–there are 3 of us that are going on a missions trip this nov–guess where–Burma–God knows how to thread it all together.

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